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How can I find my shipment number?
It is essential to have the shipment number which should be entered into the dedicated space “search shipments.” If you do not have one, you must ask for it from the sender or the seller where you purchased the item.
The parcel is due for delivery today. At what time will it arrive?
It is not possible to know the exact arrival time of the parcel, our couriers deliver between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm.
Can I change the delivery address?
If the shipment is due today, it is not possible to change the address. Otherwise, it is usually possible, but only if the new address is in the same province indicated at the start. To know if you can change the address of your parcel contact our customer service using the dedicated firm form
How can I pick up a parcel?
To know if your stored parcel can be picked up, we advise you contact us through the dedicated form
Why has my parcel not been delivered yet?
Our couriers deliver between 8:00 am and 19:00 pm If the shipment has not been made during this time, there could be a logistical problem or a problem beyond our control.
My parcel is listed as delivered, but I haven’t received anything. What can I do?
If the tracking system states that your parcel has been delivered but you haven’t received it, we advise you to contact the sender / Seller with whom you made the order.
My parcel is being reshipped to sender, what does that mean?
If the tracking activity shows that your parcel is “being reshipped to sender,” it means that it is returning to the seller, and we cannot block it in any way. For any information on this situation, we advise you to contact the sender / seller with whom you made the order.

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Toll free number 800 933 311 ( for assistance on postal products) 
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